Our Mission

Our Abyss is where the dark lives, we are the lost ones, the outcasts, and unwanted. As the old saying goes, birds of a feather flock together. I built this place for us to gather. I have a vision that Our Abyss will be a a “superstore” if you will, of the underground arts. I am actively seeking out bands, artists,and poets, etc etc etc… Because for now and as long as I can afford it Our Abyss is a social media platform where users can edit their profiles, have friends, groups, chat, or wtfever they like with a WooCommerce store where I invite you to sell your works and wears. There’s also another saying “If you build it they will come.”

Come gather oh dark ones, here in

Our Abyss

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WordPress and Buddy Pass Issues. There's been an issue from the beginning …
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Breath taking artwork by Stefan Koidl More in Our Abyss!
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Amazing Photography by Eva wald. More in Our Abyss! "Self Photo" by …
Amazing artwork by Steve Kane.
Artwork by Steve Kane More in Our Abyss! "Dead Astronaut" by Steve …
“Inner Shout”
By: Memories Of A Deadman

Discover new art and music.

You must see this incredible artwork!

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